Developing the Global Citizen: The Way Forward?

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Authors: Shiel, C.

Journal: International Journal of Learning

Volume: 14

Pages: 153-168

ISSN: 1447-9494

This paper will present work undertaken as part of the HE Leadership Foundation Fellowship in the UK. The aim of the Fellowship was to develop a change strategy so that by 2010, all Bournemouth University (BU) graduates are aware of and confident in, dealing with issues relating to equity, justice, diversity and sustainable development. BU has developed an approach that focuses on the development of ‘global perspectives’ and ‘global citizenship’: the ‘global citizen’ operates effectively in the context of diversity, and is empowered to bring about change to enhance society. The importance of this development is highlighted by research undertaken into graduate employability and a review of the UK policy context. But to what extent does the curriculum address the drivers? Is it enough to say that because we have international students, learners will come to understand diversity? Do we expect cross-cultural learning to happen by osmosis, or do we need to be more proactive? Do staff encourage students to work collaboratively with their international colleagues, as one way, of challenging perspectives and questioning euro-centric views? This paper will explore some of these issues, suggesting that managing diversity requires a different and greater proactivity. The paper concludes by suggesting the way forward.

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