On the receiving end: experiences of being a relative in critical care, part 2.

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Authors: Fulbrook, P., Buckley, P., Mills, C. and Smith, G.B.

Journal: Nursing in Critical Care

Volume: 4

Pages: 179-185

ISSN: 1362-1017

This is the second of a series of three papers, presenting in her own words the experiences of Jane, an intensive care staff nurse, whose husband suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage admission to the accident and emergency department, then via high dependency care to her own ICU, and his subsequent transfer to a regional neurological unit Jane describes the care her husband received in the regional neurological unit She gives a powerful and moving account of her experiences as a relative on the receiving end of critical care There are many aspects of her husband's nursing and medical care, with which Jane remains dissatisfied Some of these issues are discussed through professional commentaries, which are offered in the latter part of the paper.

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