Fear of the unknown: New Zealand community pharmacists’ knowledge of and attitudes towards genetic testing: a quantitative survey and interviews

Authors: Ryan, K.

Journal: International Journal of Pharmacy Practice

Volume: 14

Pages: A5-A6

ISSN: 0961-7671

DOI: 10.1211/096176706777703845


Personal genetic testing is an emerging area resulting from advances in genetic technology.Anumber of personal genetic The International Journal of Pharmacy Practice 2006; Supplement 1 A5 testing kits are already available over-the-counter from retail outlets in Britain and on the internet.1 In 2003, the Human Genetics Commission published a report which featured various recommendations to the British Government regarding the availability of direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits. The commission recognised the involvement of health professionals as away of maximising benefits and eliminating potential risks to consumers from genetic testing. The report paid particular attention to the possible role of pharmacists in the regulation and provision of genetic testing


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