Multidimensional Segmentation of Gastronomic Tourists Based on Motivation and Satisfaction

Authors: Correia, A., Moital, M., Oliveira, N. and da Costa, C.F.

Journal: International Journal of Tourism Policy

Volume: 2

Pages: 37-57

ISSN: 1750-4090

DOI: 10.1504/IJTP.2009.023272


This paper evaluates whether motivation and satisfaction can be used as segmentation variables in gastronomy tourism. Based on a stratified random sample, the respondents were asked to rank the attributes when selecting a restaurant offering Portuguese gastronomy (motivation), as well as, their evaluation of those attributes (satisfaction). Factor analysis, categorical principal component analysis and non-hierarchical cluster analysis are employed to identify distinct groups of tourists. The findings point out three market segments which suggest that motivation is a much more powerful variable for segmenting gastronomic tourists than satisfaction. The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications for tourism policy and management

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Preferred by: Miguel Moital