The Determinants of Gastronomic Tourists' Satisfaction: A Second-Order Factor Analysis

Authors: Correia, A., Moital, M., Costa, C. and Peres, R.

Journal: Journal of Foodservice

Volume: 19

Pages: 164-176

ISSN: 1748-0140

DOI: 10.1111/j.1745-4506.2008.00097.x


Despite the importance of the gastronomic experience for tourists' satisfaction/dissatisfaction, and hence for the competitiveness of tourist destinations, studies focusing on tourists' satisfaction with their gastronomic experience are virtually non-existent. More importantly, researchers have not yet produced evidence to support a factor structure of gastronomy satisfaction. The purpose of this paper is, therefore, to investigate the presence of a single second-order factor by developing and empirically validating a second-order factor analysis model for measuring satisfaction of gastronomic tourists in Portugal. As theorized, satisfaction comprised distinct first-order factors and a single second-order factor. The results suggest that gastronomy satisfaction in a tourism setting is a multidimensional construct comprising three factors: 'gastronomy', 'price and quality' and 'atmosphere'. Among these three first-order factors, 'gastronomy' was the most important determinant of tourist satisfaction, followed by 'price and quality' and 'atmosphere'.

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Preferred by: Miguel Moital