Melie Le Roy

Dr Melie Le Roy

  • mleroy at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer in Biological Anthropology
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Journal Articles

  • Le Roy, M., Magniez, P. and Goude, G., 2022. Stable-isotope analysis of collective burial sites in Southern France at late Neolithic/early Bronze Age transition. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, 32 (2), 396-407.
  • Le Roy, M., 2022. Funerary practices and funerary selection: Study of ancient bone collections from megalithic structures in the eastern Languedoc and southern Cevennes at the end of the Neolithic. Anthropologie (France).
  • Le Roy, M., Rivollat, M., Mendisco, F., Pemonge, M.-H., Coutelier, C., Couture, C., Tillier, A.-M., Rottier, S. and Deguilloux, M.-F., 2016. Distinct ancestries for similar funerary practices? A GIS analysis comparing funerary, osteological and aDNA data from the Middle Neolithic necropolis Gurgy “Les Noisats”(Yonne, France). Journal of Archaeological Science, 73, 45-54.
  • Le Roy, M., Rottier, S., De Becdelievere, C., Thiol, S., Coutelier, C. and Tillier, A.-M., 2014. FUNERARY BEHAVIOUR OF NEOLITHIC NECROPOLISES AND COLLECTIVE GRAVES IN FRANCE EVIDENCE FROM GURGY" LES NOISATS"(MIDDLE NEOLITHIC) AND PASSY/VERON" LA TRUIE PENDUE"(LATE NEOLITHIC). Archaologisches Korrespondenzblatt, 44 (3), 337-351.


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