Max Mauro

Dr Max Mauro

  • Senior Lecturer in Sports Journalism
  • Weymouth House W422, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Before returning to university to complete a PhD, Max worked for twelve years as a journalist, writer and researcher in Italy, Germany and Venezuela. In 2014, he was awarded a FIFA Research Scholarship to conduct a study on migrant youth, football and belonging, which led to the publication of the book “The Balotelli Generation. Issues of Inclusion and belonging in Italian football and society”. In 2019, he completed a follow up to his PhD ethnographic research carried out in Dublin, Ireland, and published the book “Youth sport, migration and culture. Two football teams and the changing face of Ireland”. His work has also been published in journals, including Media, Culture and Society, Communication and Sport, Cultural Studies/Critical Methodologies, Sport in Society, Soccer and Society.

Parallel to his academic work, he has published in Italian two cycling travel books (about a solo cycling trip through Patagonia, and about Berlin, the German capital) and a journalistic investigation on migration to and from Italy...


Journal Articles

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  • Martínez Corcuera, R. and Mauro, M., 2024. Less Partisan and Less Aggressive? The Impact of Covid-19 on the Media Discourse of “El Clásico” on Spanish Radio. Communication and Sport, 12 (2), 277-297.
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  • Mauro, M., 2012. Percorsi d'inclusione fuori e dentro il campo da calcio. Studi Zancan.


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  • Mauro, M., 2016. The Balotelli Generation Issues of Inclusion and Belonging in Italian Football and Society. Peter Lang.
  • Mauro, M., 2006. La mia casa è dove sono felice. Storie di emigrati e immigrati. Udine, Italy: KappaVu.


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Internet Publications

Invited Lectures

  • Youth sport and the changing face of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland, 12 Nov 2019 more

Conference Presentations

  • Leisure Studies Annual Conference, The tragic death of a (former) participant and the impact of research. Sport, migration and belonging in Ireland. Revisited., 11 Jul 2023, Bournemouth University
  • The Representation of Race in Sports Journalism and Media, Contrasting media representations of race and national identity: the case of England and Italy at the UEFA Euro 2020, 30 Jun 2023, Sheffield University
  • Media and Nationalism, ASEN annual conference, 05 Apr 2022, University of Antwerp (Belgium)


  • MeCCSA, Member (2019-),
  • Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Associate,

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