A design tool for the augmentation of geometric aesthetic affect

Authors: Reynolds, T.

Publisher: Bournemouth University


This PhD research project sets out to investigate the augmentation of affective aesthetic form in product design concepts, for designers to elicit positive emotional responses from their designs. The aesthetic concepts that can be generated for a particular design brief can be limitless. Multiple concepts may result from a designer’s creative endeavours and from the combination and reinterpretation of earlier concepts. This can be a time consuming process where a rational and logical approach may not find new ways of looking at the emotional aspects of design. There is potential for a design tool with the capacity to generate many aesthetic concepts quickly, within parametric constraints, which are surprising or unexpected. The presentation will outline the project’s progress to date (currently at the post MPhil Transfer stage) and discuss to what extent a design tool could elicit enhanced emotional responses by augmenting product design concepts using random functions.

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