FLUX Live: New Heritage

Authors: Gingrich, O., Anderson, E.F., Hossaini, A., Colussi, F. and Emets, E.

Dates: 23 July 2020

Publisher: Art in Flux


In the context of Media Art, the notion of heritage experiences a renewed interest in the context accessibility, legacy and preservation. Contemporary media artists reimagine cultural heritage, not only finding inspiration in classic art forms, but helping to reimagine classic collections as in the case of the Analema Group. Media Art and new technology can help to provide new accessibility to cultural heritage (Francesca Colussi / Tate Modern). Researchers such as Eike Falk Anderson (NCCA / Bournemouth University) look at a multitude of different approaches across the cultural sector where media can provide new experiences of classic heritage and new forms of accessibility. Last but not least, institutions such as the Tate and the National Gallery increasingly look at Media Art as a forming part of cultural heritage itself (Dr. Ali Hossaini / Co-Director National Gallery X). How can such new forms of cultural heritage be preserved when technologies and its underlying platforms evolve so rapidly. ‚Äč FLUX: New Heritage looked at new forms of digital heritage through artistic production (Evgenia Emets, Analema Group), institutional efforts of heritage preservation in the context of media art (Francesca Colussi, Tate and Dr. Ali Hossaini, National Gallery X), and research into the role of new media in creating new forms of heritage experiences (Dr. Eike Falk Anderson, National Centre for Computer Animation) - in a FLUX LIVE event curated by Olive M Gingrich (Art in Flux).


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