Computer Graphics and Animation – New Approaches to Experiencing Cultural Heritage

Authors: Anderson, E.F.

Dates: 24 June 2021

Publisher: Once Upon A Time in Animation

Place of Publication: Youtube, Once Upon A Time in Animation channel


The fairly young media of Computer Animation and Computer Graphics are increasingly important for Cultural Heritage, as they provide an effective means for communicating history and archaeological findings to the public. Over the past few years, most of us have seen archaeological reconstructions using computer graphics and animation on TV – in programmes such as “Time Team” or in news about archaeological finds. More recently, Computer Graphics and Animation technologies have been used to record and present intangible heritage, i.e. heritage that we cannot touch, such as performing arts, e.g. folk dances, or traditional practices, e.g. egg hunts at Easter. Especially interactive media (computer games) provide a popular means for preserving Cultural Heritage, as they allow us to step into history and experience both tangible and intangible heritage first hand. Through examples, this talk will examine how the art and science of computer graphics, animation and games have been used to open up new horizons for experiencing Cultural Heritage.

Source: Manual