A Brief History of the National Centre for Computer Animation

Authors: Comninos, P. and Anderson, E.F.

Dates: 10 June 2021

Publisher: Once Upon A Time in Animation

Place of Publication: Youtube, Once Upon A Time in Animation channel


Founded by Peter Comninos and Peter Hardie at Bournemouth University in 1989 with the philosophy of marrying art and science to facilitate the production of Computer Animation, since its inception the National Centre for Computer Animation has been at the forefront of computer graphics and animation education and research.

The NCCA was the first institution that established dedicated degree programmes for computer animation for which it pioneered a discipline-spanning approach of blending art and science education in a manner that three decades later is only rarely found elsewhere. Driven by the motto of “Science in the service of the Arts”, the scientific and artistic work of NCCA students has been internationally recognised at high-ranking academic conferences and animation festivals and its graduates have contributed to countless award-winning films and animations. In this talk we will examine the history of the NCCA and its truly interdisciplinary educational approach that has left the NCCA’s graduates highly sought after by the creative industries.


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