International - A solar energy capture, energy conversion and energy storage system

Authors: Camfield, T., Khan, Z., Helvaci, U. and Khan, Z.


A Solar Energy Capture, Conversion And Storage SystemThe present invention relates to a solar energy capture, conversion and storagesystem for use on a roof of a building for capturing and converting incident solarradiation to heat and electricity.The invention provides an optimised solar energy capture and conversion systemthat monitors immediately available incident radiation comprising: a mountingstructure which supports a matrix in which is embedded a conduit containing aworking fluid. The fluid or fluid mixture includes at least one hydro-fluoro-ether(HFE). Valves are arranged to open/close ports which connect the solar energycapture system to either a combined heat/electrical generating system or an energystorage system that incorporates a phase change material to store heat energy.Control of the valves is supervised by an energy management system.

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