International - A Working Fluid

Authors: Khan, Z.


The present invention relates to a working fluid. More specifically the present invention relates to a working fluid for use in a heat transfer system, for example of the type used to transfer heat in a heat engine. Working fluids require good heat transfer properties (thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity) so that they can absorb and release large amounts of energy quickly. The invention describes a working fluid comprising a plurality of nano-particles suspended in a base fluid so as to improve a heat transfer property of the base fluid. Ideally the nano-particles are suspended in the base fluid in a colloidal suspension. A system for manufacturing a nano-fluid is also described. The system includes a plurality of hoppers for containing types of nano-particle and a reservoir that contains a base fluid. A control means controls valves on the hoppers and on the reservoir in order to dispense working fluid and defined amounts of nano-particles into a mixer tank. A mixer mixes the nano-particles with the base fluid to produce a nano-fluid which is in colloidal suspension in the working fluid.

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