21st century employability radar: A UK perspective

Authors: Bobeva, M. and Hindley, R.

Dates: 15 May 2017


The event is an interactive workshop that will engage participants in developing their personal 21st century employability radar, a practical tool for linking visual skills plotting to professional development planning. The session will comprise of 3 parts: In Part 1 BU students will present a summary of latest studies on employability skills for the 21st century. This will be followed up by an introduction of the Employability Radar (ER), a tool combining a SOAR (Strengths/Opportunities/Aspirations/Results) analysis with personal and professional development planning (PPDP). In the last 30 minutes the participants will be using the ER template provided for developing their own employability radars alongside BU students who have been through the process of using SOAR analysis for PPDP. The session is designed to: - help individuals who are considering a career change or are looking for an employment with developing their positive self-awareness and a SMART plan for attainment of these skills. - Offer a tool for educators, careers and employability professionals involved in supporting learners through the early stages of the recruitment processes.

- showcase the skills of our students as researchers and mentors.

The work is grounded in Milena’s and Rebecca’s professional and academic experience. It builds on Milena’s research in reverse mentoring and more than 7 years of experience in using the SOAR tool for developing student professional self-awareness, and tests this through Rebecca’s critical filter as an HR professional with more than 20 years experience.

Source: Manual