Tipping Points

Authors: Seddon, A.

Dates: 4-5 May 2019


Tipping Points is an immersive multichannel sound installation that emulates the stable and chaotic behaviours of environmental ecosystems. It features sounds from field recordings made in Dorset, which are manipulated by the computer to mirror the ways in which ecosystem population densities vary, increasing and decreasing in both predictable and erratic ways.

The population is represented by the fragments of pitched sound derived from a bird cry, surrounding the listener. As the population steadily increases i.e. a greater density of fragments are heard, erratic and chaotic changes become more and more apparent, emulating the kinds of environmental extremes often occurring in nature.

Participants are invited to interact with this ecosystem, affecting changes by moving close to the two sensors mounted within the room.

This performance was part of the Museum of Ecoacoustic Phenomena event taking place at Bournemouth Natural Sciences Society as part of the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe 2019. The Museum of Ecoacoustic Phenomena was a commissioned event, with BU researchers (Dr Ambrose Seddon and Prof Adrian Newton) collaborating with staff at Goldmiths College, University of London, and electricBackroom Studio, Bridport.

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