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Penelope Foreman

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I'm a postgraduate researcher with a love for stone - particularly those chosen, moved, shaped, used and appreciated by peoples of the Neolithic. My main focus is Neolithic monuments but I am also interested in stone tools, art, and artefacts with elusive meaning such as the carved stone balls.

As well as archaeology my big passion is education and outreach - I was a primary school teacher for many years in between my stints in academia and I still take up as many opportunities as possible for working with young people to get them into archaeology and related disciplines. I'm also a STEM Ambassador which means I get to engage with young people about the science and technology behind both my work and archaeology in general, which is incredibly rewarding!

Although my main research area is the Neolithic, I am also interested in colour throughout prehistory, the archaeology of fabric and clothing, and experimental archaeology.


PhD Title: "Colour Out of Space: Colour usage in the construction of monuments of Neolithic Atlantic Europe"



  • Foreman, 2018. Public Archaeology and Climate Change: Book Review. Oxford: Current Publishing. Published.

External Responsibilities

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Public Lecture - BU Open Lecture afternoon (11 Sep 2017)
  • Ancient seafaring - hands on activities (20 May 2017)
  • Significant Colours of the Past (22 Jun 2016-26 Jun 2016)

Conference Presentations

  • TAG 2018, Session organiser: "Haunt This Place: Fantasy, Archaeology, and the Ghosts of the Land", 17 Dec 2018, Chester University
  • The Heritage of Women in Exploration, Pioneering Women in Archaeology - a very short history, 21 Jun 2018, Royal Geographical Society, London
  • TAG 2017, Do humans dream of analogue sheep? The ethics of memory generation in archaeology and science fiction, 18 Dec 2017, Cardiff
  • TAG 2017, Session Organiser: "Unstuck in Time: science fiction, speculative futures, and archaeological imaginings", 18 Dec 2017, Cardiff
  • EAA 2017, Stone is the Storyteller - The materiality of stone through time (and mind)?, 01 Sep 2017, Maastricht
  • EAA 2017 Maastricht, Organising session: "Stone is the Storyteller. The materiality of stone through time (and mind)?", 30 Aug 2017, Maastricht, NL
  • Visual Intersections II Summer School, The Colour Out of Space: Contextualising colour in the monuments of Neolithic Europe, 10 Jul 2017, Durham University
  • CAA International 2017, The Colour Out of Space: Digital Media as Mouthpieces for Material Agency, 13 Mar 2017, Georgia State University, Atlanta
  • CAA International 2017, "Well, actually...": The othering of women in the computing and programming communities and its effects on digital archaeology, 13 Mar 2017, Georgia State University, Atlanta
  • TAG 2016, Another Brick in the Wall: Archaeological Outreach in Schools as a Political Act, 19 Dec 2016, Southampton University
  • NEBARSS 2016, The Colour Out of Space: Colour in the Monuments of Neolithic Atlantic Europe, 18 Nov 2016, UCL Department of Archaeology
  • Dialogues with the Past: Theorising Digital the Digital Turn in Archaeology. Seminar and Workshop, The Colour Out of Space: Recording Colour in Neolithic Monuments, 29 Aug 2016, Norwegian Institute of Athens
  • BRAG 2016 (British Rock Art Group), The Colour Out of Space: early research into colour use in the monuments of Neolithic Atlantic Europe, 03 Jun 2016, Liverpool University
  • NEBARSS 2015, The Colour Out of Space: Research Questions, 20 Nov 2015, Newcastle University

Attended Training

  • Oral History Society - Beginning Oral History, 13 Jun 2018


  • Andrew Sherratt Fund, Sheffield University - Fieldwork Bursary (Andrew Sherratt Fund, 2017)


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