QR Codes in Education: The Business School Experience

Authors: Hopkins, D. and Bobeva, M.

Conference: Bournemouth University Education Enhancement Conference 2011


Quick Response (QR) codes, the 2-D bar codes are becoming the new norm for businesses to reach their customers and provide a fast user-friendly way to access relevant content online through the use of mobile technology. Educational institutions are on the uptake in making use of these 21st century tools as a way to engage their main stakeholders, i.e. students.

Within the Business School we have recently experimented with using QR codes across several programmes. This has stared with codes leading to library materials and has expanded gradually into further areas such as marketing, programme contact details and learning resources.

This presentation is going to introduce our experience, including some statistics on user involvement and feedback from students and staff, as well as some innovative endeavours in exploiting these free resources.


Source: Manual

Preferred by: Milena Bobeva