Practicing Fusion through Business and Community Engagement within the BA (Hons) Business Studies programme

Authors: Bobeva, M., Lamont, C., Thompson, K. and Ridolfo, M.

Conference: Fusion Conference 2012 Fusion in Action: Knowledge exchange with students, society and the professions


How much risk is there in a widened aperture of undergraduate student exposure to real life projects from the first weeks of study with us? How effective are we as educators in enabling and supporting our students in climbing up the ladder of citizen participation (Arnstein 1969, Walkington 2012), improve their understanding of industry expectations and take responsibility for enhancing their graduate attributes and employability? Within the Business Studies programme we have actively exploited learner-centred pedagogies that enhance student engagement through real-life business and community projects. These cross-discipline projects commence in the first week of year 1 (Level C) with Business and Community Engagement (BCE) projects, at Level I with a Simulated Business Exercise, a 40 week Industrial Placement and at Level H through a double weighted Project unit offering a choice of three types of projects: Research, Consultancy or Reflective Practitioner. This consistent underpinning throughout the programme substantially contributes to the students’ development of both academic and professional acumen whilst fostering their innovative and creative abilities and enhancing their employability. It also enhances the University’s profile within the wider community and strengthens relationships across schools and departments. Having created and actively practiced such fusion of BCE, education, research and enterprise, through this presentation we are seeking an opportunity to stimulate discussion and share experiences in authentic learning and assessment, whilst inspiring new adoptions and cross-discipline collaboration.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Milena Bobeva