Bringing Business To Life: Challenging students, through a ‘Digital Age’ Simulated Business Exercise (SBE), to develop the mindset and competencies needed for today’s business environment

Authors: Ridolfo, M., Bobeva, M., Preget, L. and McFadyen, A.

Conference: Fusion Conference 2012 Sharing Education Excellence


Simulated Business Exercises (SBEs) are an effective way of integrating students’ learning, allowing them to develop their transferable skills and encouraging them to be creative and innovative. The Business School runs SBEs in collaboration with external stakeholders, which not only increases students’ motivation to produce industry-ready deliverables, but also enriches learning and assessment.

At a time when employers demand of graduates an increasingly sophisticated array of skills, competencies and behaviours, SBEs provide a unique opportunity for students to develop and showcase their talents in front of the very people who will be evaluating their employability in the near future.

This poster sheds light on a new SBE, introduced in 2011-12, which encompasses:

- cross-disciplinary and cross-functional integration and collaboration - innovation and creativity; - extensive use of ‘Digital Age’ technologies and social media; - inventive approaches to student-tutor communications; - student-led learning; - student participation in the co-production of programme resources. The outcomes confirm that students appreciated the challenges and enjoyed the opportunity to use and enhance their creative skills and digital competencies. The SBE has stimulated bi-directional knowledge transfer for students, staff and the business community in the spirit of BU’s 2018 Vision and Values.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Milena Bobeva