Finite element analysis and validation of two different NiTi alloys used in endodontic rotary instrument

Authors: Montalvao, D., Shengwen, Q., Freitas, M., Carvalho, A. and Alcada, F.S.

Conference: Health Research and Enterprise Showcase, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK


The purpose of this study is to understand how different NiTi alloys condition the mechanical flexibility of endodontic instruments at body temperature. The alloys are compared in terms of their mechanical behaviour by numerical simulations with Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Two different rotary instruments, a Profile GT®(GT) and a GT® Series X™ (GTX), were selected due to their geometrical similarity and their different constituent alloy. GTX files are made from M-Wire, a Ni-Ti alloy allegedly having a higher flexibility at body temperature.

Source: Manual