Validation and Evaluation of Contracture Assessment Screening Tool

Authors: Tariq, H., Collins, K., Tait, D., Dunn, J. and Porter, S.

Conference: 11th Annual Post Graduate Research Conference, Bournemouth University


Contractures are a debilitating consequence of prolonged immobility potentially leading to physical impairments, limited functional mobility, decreased independence with everyday activities, and reduced social participation. There is no standard assessment tool available to assess the risk of contracture development or progression. The Contracture Assessment Screening Tool (CAST) was developed by Dorset Health Care University NHS Foundation Trust to address this gap. This project aims to establish the 1) CAST validity and 2) CAST effectiveness in reducing contracture development and progression. Timely identification of those at risk of contracture development or progression may help facilitate contracture prevention and the associated negative sequelae. To evaluate CAST a mixed methods approach is being utilised including realist review and evaluation. Merging different methodologies and a realist approach will provide a unique perspective on CAST validation and use. This project is ongoing and the poster will present the overall methodology and significance of the project.

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