Focus Group Discussions (FGDs): Local Perceptions of Factors Rendering Young People in Albania Vulnerable to Criminal Exploitation

Authors: Schwandner-Sievers, S.

Conference: RAYS - Albania, final project conference, Tirana


in late 2021 and early 2022,theteamconductedasystematic, focus-group study of local perceptions and knowledge on young Albanians’ risks of, and vulnerability to,SOC exploitation as well as on locally available protection and support structures in Kukës, Shkoder and Elbasan (areas previously identified as high-risk for young people). The main aim was to generate better insights about local understandings of risk factors and recourse available to support young people considered at risk in the local communities. Additionally, the study aimed to elucidate local experience with, and perceptiveness towards, participatory music-based activities as feasible engagement and intervention tools with young people, as planned pilot projects aimed at strengthening their resilience against criminal exploitation. FGDs were conducted with young people (14 to 16 years of age), parents/carers(amixedgroup;andawomen’sonly group); and with professionals working with young people in their communities, in the cities of Kukës, Shkoder and Elbasan –three municipal centres of Albanian regions that have been associated with heightened risks of criminal exploitation. In all, more than 200 local stakeholders participated with 14 to 33 per group –considerably larger than originally planned.

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Focus Group Discussions (FGDs): Local perceptions of factors rendering young people in Albania vulnerable to criminal exploitation

Authors: Schwandner-Sievers, S.

Conference: RAYS - Albania, final project conference

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