Retail Strategy for Tidworth Community Area, Final Report, 2006

Authors: Grant-Braham, B. and Kilburn, D.

Publisher: Bournemouth University

Place of Publication: Poole, England


The Tidworth Community Area is at an economic and social crossroads. The recognition of the need and desire of the Army for a more secure and modern working and domestic environment has meant that the main Towns in the district have the opportunity to improve their social, economic and leisure environment for its personnel and families.

With the close cooperation of all the stakeholders, civilian and military, in this partnership, the significant inward investment of both government and private finance can be sought and secured to provide the economic and social conditions to deliver the commercial and community facilities that characterise the best of modern living.

While recommending the introduction of a number of multiple retailers to populate the Tidworth Community Retail Hub, alongside existing independent retailers, and thus risking the accusation of ‘cloning’, the social and community development recommendations are designed to provide ‘heart’ to the Tidworth and the larger TCA. The development of the retail economy in Ludgershall is less straightforward but is designed to be both complementary to and distinct from that of Tidworth. It is nonetheless designed to provide vitality as well as viability through individuality, quality and small business enterprise. It will need as much care, attention and support as the larger Tidworth project.

The recommended development of both of these main conurbations of the TCA will provide facilities, both commercial and social, that will enhance the entire area, providing the population of the rural as well as urban districts with significantly enhanced employment, retail and leisure opportunities. There will also be a significantly reduced need to travel long distances to fulfil these needs.

The report demonstrates where the principal categories of demand lie in the TCA footprint to allow a very focused retail offering to be made, with a high degree of potential for success. The report also recognises the importance of the confidence that Tesco have demonstrated in the strength of the present and particularly the future market. Without this commitment, the regeneration of the TCA as described would be unlikely to succeed.

It is however crucial to the success of the regeneration as a whole that all the stakeholders, including Tesco, commit to the broader regeneration process that is inclusive of the social agenda as well as the commercial. It is only with this integrated approach that true vitality and viability will be generated for all the inhabitants of the area.

Source: Manual

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