UK Media Outlook 2014: a survey of media trends and management tools

Authors: Oliver, J.J.

Publisher: Bournemouth University

Place of Publication: Poole, England


The aim of this survey is to understand the changing nature of the UK media environment and the current and emerging trends in the outlook and management practices of media executives. This is the second year that the survey has run, and already we are seeing immense changes in the way media firms are adapting to a changing competitive landscape.

The most striking finding in our survey is the outlook for the UK Media Industry. Last year, 70% of media executives were positive in their outlook for the industry in 2013. Only 12 months later, and this optimistic outlook had risen to 94%! It suggests that the green shoots of recovery have well and truly sprouted.

Another purpose of our survey is to identify the management tools that media companies are using, and how satisfied they are with them. We hope that reports like this will provide media executives with a better understanding of the management tools at their disposal and how these can be used to improve performance in a number of key areas.

The survey sample again included senior media executives who have responsibility for strategy (Head of Strategic Planning, Director of Strategy and Head of Segments Planning) and a number of functional areas (Head of Commercial Policy, Head of Business Development, Vice President Marketing, Director of Programming, Chief Technologist, General Manager, Senior Vice President, Director of Operations, Head of Customer Insight and Director of Sales).

Source: Manual

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