What We Know & What We Don’t Know: Questions & Answers Applied To Business Markets

Authors: Polkinghorne, M.

Publisher: Bournemouth University

Place of Publication: Poole, England

ISBN: 978-1-85899-299-0


Adapted from previous work by:

Jordan, B., Goldman, R. and Eichler, A. (1998) ‘A technology for supporting knowledge work: the reptool’ in Borghoff, U. M. and Pareschi, R. (eds) Information Technology for Knowledge Management, Berlin, Springer-Verlag

this report takes the concepts of what we know and what we don't know, i.e. answered questions, unanswered questions, unquestioned answers and unquestioned questions, and applies these to business markets to identify established markets, innovative markets, creative markets and serendipitous markets.


Source: Manual

Preferred by: Martyn Polkinghorne