Students and knowledge exchange in university business services

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Authors: Jackson, D., Molesworth, M. and Goode, G.

Pages: 1-26

Publisher: CMC Publishing, Bournemouth University

Place of Publication: Bournemouth

ISBN: 978-1-910446-00-3

Enterprise is becoming a more important part of UK Higher Education Institution (HEI) activity as a source of revenue, added value to students, and broader demonstration of the contribution of HEIs to the economy. Despite this there is little information on the overall provision of business services by HEIs in the UK and even less on that which involves students engaging with consultancy. In this paper, our focus is on the latter: the role of students in university business consultancy within the disciplines of marketing, media and creative industries.

In this report we present:

- An overview of how involved students are engaging in knowledge exchange through consultancy via a comprehensive audit of all 164 UK HEI’s. Here, we identify different models of student consultancy in terms of their links to research and education, and offer some more broader reflections on the way that UK universities are engaging with business.

- Through four case studies (with a total of 32 interviews and 3 focus groups), an analysis of the key tensions, barriers and motivations (both internal and external) in integrating students in consultancy in ways what benefit them, academic staff, HEIs and external organisations.

- The implications for the management of such projects, and a series of recommendations for those who wish to involve students in university consultancy services.

The report should be essential reading for academic leaders and staff involved in delivering education for employability.

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