Creativity, Contribution And Quality: Supervising PhDs By Practice

Authors: John, D.

Publisher: The Graduate School, Bournemouth University


This paper explores the issues relevant to the supervision of practice-based PhDs. The development of the PhD from a qualification that led to an academic career to wider professional careers is traced, identifying the economic, policy, and international forces that have shaped the transformation of the PhD into to the range of types that are available today. Practice-based research by practice is defined. Specific issues relating to practice-based research, including the reflective process, the role of documentation, and the apparent incompatibility of creative practice and research are discussed. Throughout, online case studies are used to illustrate the experience of students engaged in practice-based research. PhDs by practice are discussed, including the range of titles they are known by, and the relative number of students that are engaged in practice-based research. The two PhD outputs of artefact and exegesis are discussed. Finally the roles of PhD by practice supervisors are identified.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: David John