'Loaded dice'? Barriers to Women's Progression.

Authors: Ashencaen Crabtree, S., Shiel, C. and Alus, Y.

Publisher: Bournemouth University


Abstract This pilot study sought to examine the perceptions of women academics at BU towards possible gendered barriers to progression that they may have experienced during their academic careers, together with a consideration of possible solutions. The study followed in the wake of an earlier Women’s Academic Network (WAN) survey of members, where blocks to progression appeared to be a dominant concern. Accordingly three focus group discussions were held with WAN voluntary participants to explore the topic in more detail.

A range of outcomes are anticipated from this study. Firstly, it offers some useful thematic findings from BU academic staff to begin to develop a dialogue within BU, involving the University Executive Team and Human Resources, with a view to raising greater awareness of barriers that may have a gendered component. The recommendations from this study can assist BU in developing its ambitions to create a more gender-sensitive working environment facilitating institutional change towards developing a more equal gendered playing field. In turn this is likely to assist the University in relation to its initiatives towards achieving Athena Swan status at institutional and faculty levels. In addition the findings emerging from this study will be used to develop a peer-reviewed journal paper. Finally, the study provides a useful springboard to develop a larger project encompassing other HEIs both national and international.


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