Creative Consultation: A community’s views on health & wellbeing

Authors: Crossen-White, H., Norton, E. and Hemingway, A.

Publisher: BU

Place of Publication: BU


The purpose of this partnership was to try a new approach to understanding the health needs of a community. The local partnership which evolved to take the project forward was comprised of representation from various agencies such as health and local authorities as well as charities. These charitable organisations either worked within the community or developed arts projects within the area but not specifically within the community in which the project was based. As the partnership evolved members took on specific roles either by contributing to the strategic planning which directed the project or by being part of delivery team responsible for producing the film. In a few cases there was overlap between the two groups. Throughout the project key members who contributed to the strategic development of the project updated those individuals at county level who were interested in how this new approach would engage the community. In the remainder of this report ‘the Partnership’ refers to those working at local level.

Source: Manual