Purpose-Driven Leadership for the 21st Century: Transitioning to a Purpose-First Economy Through the New Business Logic

Authors: Gyori, B., Purcell, W., Gyori, C., Kazakova, T. and Dain, D.

Pages: 1-61

Publisher: Leaders on Purpose

Place of Publication: UK

ISBN: 978-1-8383566-0-6


This report was produced in conjunction with an annual day-long conference at the United Nations General Assembly in 2020. It expands on insights of two previous CEO studies produced in conjunction with the World Bank and focuses on Purpose-Driven Leadership and its role in achieving the SDGs. The research team for this scholarly edition was led by Brad Gyori of Bournemouth University and features co-author Dr. Wendy Purcell of Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. It also includes insights drawn from interview with 15 top CEOs, a diverse group, representing perspectives that span the globe. Additionally, there is Call to Action letter signed by top business leaders. CEOs from Fortune Media, Mastercard, Mahindra, Danone, Loreal, the Rockefeller Foundation, Equity Group, Johnson and Johnson, Vodafone, and Voyager are all featured. This study identifies and analyzes new concepts emerging from the burgeoning field of purpose-driven leadership. The COVD-19 pandemic and its attendant challenges are also addressed. The groundbreaking work being done to address this still unfolding public health crisis is spotlighted throughout. The study also considers the role that purpose-driven organisations play in society. It examines the ways that corporate leaders leverage purpose to realise their dual ambitions of achieving financial success and promoting positive social change. Specifically, it focuses on four key areas of business practice: purpose-driven leadership, productive corporate cultures, responsible business strategies and partnerships for positive change.



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