Creative Consultation: A community’s views on health & well being: Evaluation Report

Authors: Crossen-White, H., Hemingway, A. and Norton, E.

Publisher: Arts South West

Place of Publication: Website


Outline of the project The Community Partnership decided to focus the project upon young people aged 11-16 years living within the community and invited them to take part in a film making project. The remit of the film was to explore what wellbeing meant to their community. The Partnership recruited and funded two film makers to work with the young people. Their role was to show the young people both how to develop their ideas but also teach them the practical skills such as how to operate a camera, conduct an interview or edit footage to create their short film. In total the film makers had five weekends to work with the young people. The project culminated with the young people arranging a fun day at which their film was shown to the local community. Invitations to join the community were also sent out to members of the Partnership and the interviewees from the film. There were several screenings of the film throughout the day and at each resident`s were joined by representation from the local agencies or arts organisations to discuss their views on the film and its content.

Source: Manual