Recruitment and retention in adult social care

Authors: Pulman, A. and Fenge, L.-A.

Publisher: NCCDSW, Bournemouth University

Place of Publication: Bournemouth


This report describes the findings of a study funded by ARC Wessex to explore local recruitment and retention issues in adult social care (ASC) and adult social work from the perspective of four populations of interest (POI):

(POI 1) Social care practitioners - social workers, allied health professionals, unregistered and other social care practitioners - currently working in adult social care at two local authorities (LAs) (POI 2) Social care staff with responsibility for performing exit interviews with LA staff currently working at the two LAs (POI 3) Students currently enrolled in social work undergraduate and postgraduate programmes within the Wessex region (POI 4) Service users with lived experience of receiving services in either LA and advocates drawn from Wessex Region LA contracted services

Our broad research questions concerned:

What can be learnt from each population of interest concerning recruitment and retention issues in relation to adult social care and adult social work?

Data collected helping to inform future workforce development activities undertaken by both LAs and contribute invaluable research data to both the regional and national picture.

Source: Manual