Rebecca Mills

Dr Rebecca Mills

  • Lecturer in Communications and English
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Journal Articles

  • Mills, R., 2020. “A Pleasure of that Too Intense kind”: Women’s Desires and Identity in Stella Gibbons’s Gothic London. Studies in Gothic Fiction, 6 (2), 4-15.
  • Mills, R., 2019. “I Always Did Hate Watering-Places”: Tourism and Carnival in Agatha Christie’s and Dorothy L. Sayers’s Seaside Novels. Clues: a journal of detection, 37 (2), 83-93.
  • Mills, R., 2015. ‘Stop All the Clocks: Elegy and Uncanny Technology'. Revenant: Critical and Creative Studies of the Supernatural, 1 (1), 35-57.
  • Mills, R., 2015. 'The Elegiac Tradition and the Imagined Geography of the Sea and the Shore'. Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism and Theory, 17 (4), 493-516.
  • Mills, R., 2013. “A Knossos of Coincidence”: Elegy and the “Chance of Space” in the Urban Geographies of Birthday Letters. The Ted Hughes Society Journal, 3 (1), 8-18.



  • Mills, R., 2020. Victims. The Routledge Companion to Crime Fiction. 149-158.
  • Mills, R., 2019. Detecting the Blitz: Trauma and Memory in Christie’s Post-War Writings. In: Bernthal, J.C., ed. Agatha Christie Goes to War. Routledge.
  • Mills, R., 2016. 'England’s Pockets: Objects of Anxiety in Agatha Christie’s Post-War Novels'. In: Bernthal, J.C., ed. The Ageless Agatha Christie: Essays on the Mysteries and the Legacy. McFarland & Co., 29-44.
  • Bright, B. and Mills, R., 2016. The revelations of the corpse: Interpreting the body in the golden age detective novel. New Perspectives on Detective Fiction: Mystery Magnified. 32-51.

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Markets and Audiences (MA in English and Literary Media)
  • Culture and Controversy (MA in English and Literary Media) guest lecture: "Teenage Kicks: Sex, Queerness, and Young Adult Cultures"
  • Narrating Identities (MA in English and Literary Media)
  • Dissertation supervision (MA in Media and Communication)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Celebrity Culture (BA Communication and Media, Level 6 option)
  • Crime and Terror (BA English, Level 6 option)
  • Narrative Structures (BA English and BA Communication and Media, Level 5)
  • Children's Literature (BA English, Level 5)
  • Media: Messages and Meanings (BA English and BA Communication and Media, Level 5) guest lecture: Villains & Victims: Crime and Gender in Media and Culture
  • Adaptation (BA English and BA Communication and Media, Level 4 ) guest lecture: Adapting Fictions and Fantasies: The Case of Agatha Christie
  • Dissertation supervision (BA in Communication and Media)

Conference Presentations

  • Agatha Christie: Investigating the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie Goes to War (keynote given with J.C. Bernthal), 05 Sep 2019, Solent University, Southampton
  • The Ninth International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference 2018, Figuring Fictions And Fractures: Trauma, Memory, And The Mystery Of Agatha Christie, 27 Jun 2018, Bournemouth University
  • Captivating Criminality 4: Detection, Public and Private, Past and Present, ‘“Los Angeles is too big”’: Foggy cartographies in Dorothy B. Hughes’s In a Lonely Place (1947), 29 Jun 2017, Bath Spa University, Corsham Court
  • Agatha Christie: A Reappraisal, ‘Detecting the Blitz: Trauma and Amnesia in Agatha Christie’s Post-War Novels’, 19 Jun 2017, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University

Attended Training

  • Writing and presenting for non-academic audiences (RKEO 'Pathways to Impact' workshop), 12 Jul 2018


  • PhD in English Literature (University of Exeter, 2014)
  • MA in Twentieth-Century Literary Studies (Durham University, 2010)