Sha Liang

Dr Sha Liang

  • sliang at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer in Computer Science
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Journal Articles

  • Liang, S., 2015. Research proposal on reviewing augmented reality applications for supporting ageing population. 6TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON APPLIED HUMAN FACTORS AND ERGONOMICS (AHFE 2015) AND THE AFFILIATED CONFERENCES, AHFE 2015, 3, 219-226.



  • Cartmell, M.P., Gordon, I., Johnston, D., Liang, S., McIntosh, L. and Wynne, B., 2023. Modelling the Dynamics of a Large-Scale Industrial Manipulator for Precision Control. 298-318.


  • Howie, S.R., Liang, S., Grech, A., Munawar, S.A. and Gilardi, M., 2023. Industry 4.0 Design Reviews: A Conceptual Virtual Reality Interface. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 273-282.
  • Liang, S., 2016. Design Principles of Augmented Reality Focusing on the Ageing Population. BCS HCI BCS.
  • Liang, S. and Roast, C., 2014. Five Features for Modelling Augmented Reality. In: sha liang 22-27 June 2014 Crete, Greece.


  • Set Every Little-heart Free by Training (global surgical training, 01 Aug 2021). Awarded
  • Connected and Reconfigurable Factory (Innovate UK, 01 Jan 2021). Awarded
  • AR/VR Hyperreal Model for Surgical Training (Innovate UK, 01 Oct 2020). Awarded
  • Future Forge Robotics Simulator Project (Catapult, 01 Aug 2020). Awarded
  • Digital Twin: Fast Track Industrial Prototyping Toolset and Methodology (Innovate UK, 01 Feb 2019). Awarded
  • Enhancing the Quality and Usability of Spreadsheets Project (Technology Strategy Board, 01 Apr 2014). Awarded
  • Virtual Environment for Nurses in Clinical Education Project (University of Nottingham’s Centre for Integrative Learning, 01 Jun 2012). Awarded