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Dr Samuel Walker

  • swalker at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer in Law
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Journal Articles

  • Walker, S., 2016. Cuts and Criminality. Body Alteration in Legal Discourse , written by Theodore Bennett. European journal of health law, 23 (3), 319-324.
  • Walker, S., 2016. The Non-Identity Problem and the Ethics of Future People By David Boonin. International Journal of Law in Context, 12 (1), 98-101.
  • Walker, S., 2014. Potential persons and the welfare of the (potential) child test. Medical Law International, 14 (3), 157-171.
  • Walker, S.E.P., 2014. Applying the actual/potential person distinction to reproductive torts. Medical Law International, 14 (1), 3-21.

Conference Presentations

  • UK IVR Annual Conference: Law, Rationality and the Market, Economic and Legal Rationality, 17 Nov 2017, University of Sheffield
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