Contribution to the Development of a Maintenance and Exploitation System of Rail Vehicles

Authors: Montalvao, D.

Editors: Craveiro, J., Pina da Silva, F. and Cruz, M.

Conference: University of Lisbon, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Mechanical Engineering Department


The present work is inserted in SEM XXI1 project, which case study is the Eurotram of Oporto. The goals are specially related to the development of a system of exploitation and maintenance of rail vehicles, based on the RAMS2 methodology, working out of technical instructions manuals and maintenance manuals incident in the equipment’s life cycle cost.

All the work here described was developed by a joint team of ADtranz3 and MIIT4, in which the author is inserted, collaborating on the project’s engineering of the vehicle, as well as all the other departments involved on the Eurotram of Oporto’s project, for the validation of the developed work.

The work team was organised by specialisation, at the image of the engineering of the vehicle’s project organisation, since it has clear advantages on the information flux and on the deep and equal responsibility of all the team members, in all the areas. However, the available data on the Eurotram of Oporto had been considered, initially, to have a preliminary character, so, the SEM XXI specialists' formation was made based on the available data of the Eurotram of Strasbourg, which is a vehicle with very similar characteristics.

Each specialist was charged of the detailed research of the database of the ADtranz Group, in order to obtain all the available information on the systems under his responsibility.

In relation to the author's activity during the development of the project, he was charged of several tasks, namely: • Complete study of the automatic coupler, namely, its structure, characterisation, functional and failure analysis, making up of the maintenance plans and work preparation, RAMS analysis and making up of maintenance and technical instructions manuals; • Cooperation on the manuals elaboration (maintenance and/or technical instructions) related to the Bogies, Video System, Passenger Information System and Pantograph; • Elaboration of the electronic catalogue of spare parts of all the vehicle’s systems; • Participation on the fulfilling of the technical specifications of special tools for the workshops; • Participation on the elaboration of the driver’s manual.

Source: Manual