O aproveitamento da indicação geográfica na promoção de desenvolvimento regional :o caso dos cristais artesanais da região de Blumenau

Authors: Carls, S.

Editors: Kegel, P.L.

Conference: Regional University of Blumenau


In a broad sense, this research aims to reflect on Geographical Indications as a regional development strategy intended to exalt the national production in a highly globalized consumer market. In this sense, the study intended to identify perspectives for the handicraft crystal sector on the region of Blumenau using the Geographical Indication. To achieve this goal, the dimensions of spatial, economic and legal development and interconnections with the Geographical Indications were discussed. Moreover, was necessary to explore the linkage between intellectual property and its distinctive signs, particularly the Geographical Indication, and the development. It was also related the national and international norms about geographical indications, which reveals an incessant search for improving the standards of intellectual property rights around the globe. The last chapter was dedicated to the study of handicraft crystal sector in the region of Blumenau. The circumstances of the emergence of glass and crystal were enumerated, scenario in which the history and current situation of the sector in the region of Blumenau could be established in a more harmonic way. It also has been made a primary analysis of the potential for the recognition of Geographical Indication for handcrafted crystal of the region of Blumenau. At the end of the study it is concluded that, given the need to discuss alternatives for the differentiation of national products and services, especially those with singular reputation, origin and quality, the Geographical Indication may be a viable instrument to provide the generation of regional development by adding numerous benefits to the sector of handcrafted crystal of the region of Blumenau.

Source: Manual