Jayne Caudwell

Dr Jayne Caudwell

  • 01202 968716
  • jcaudwell at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Associate Professor of Events and Leisure
  • Dorset House D201, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Jayne’s teaching and research interests are concerned with leisure and sport cultures, feminist theories, theories of sexualities and qualitative research methodologies. She joined Bournemouth University in 2015 as Associate Professor & Head of Research in the Department of Events & Leisure. She is Head of the research Centre for Events, Leisure, Society and Culture (CELSC).

Jayne’s academic citizenship includes Managing Editor of Leisure Studies (2013 - ), Associate Editor of Sociology of Sport Journal (2014-17), and editorial board member for: SSJ (2007-10); International Review for the Sociology of Sport (2007-11); Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise & Health (2013-17); Journal of Sport and Social Issues (2016 - ). She reviews for journals including: Emotion, Space & Society; Environment & Planning A; Feminist Review; Gender, Place & Culture; Gender & Society; Gender Studies; Journal of Homosexuality; Men & Masculinities; New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film; Journal of Film & Screen Media; Qualitative Sociology; Research in Social Movements, Conflict & Change; Sexualities; Soccer & Society; Sociological Inquiry; Sport & Society; Symbolic Interaction...


Journal Articles



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Internet Publications

PhD Students

  • Hillary Kipnis. Occupation, Resistance and Unbreakable Spirit: A Study on the Meaning of Sport and Physical Activity in the Lives of Palestinian Women
  • Georgina Roy. Feminism in 'new' sporting spaces: gender, subjectivity and the female surfer in Britain
  • Noreen Orr. Heritage, leisure and identity in museum volunteering

Invited Lectures

  • A tale of two football cultures: HWFC v FA Women’s, Antalya, Turkey, 03 Nov 2016 more
  • Exploring the scales of misogyny in sport, University of Sunderland, 01 May 2015 more
  • Turning to feminist & feminist-queer methodologies, Loughborough University, 02 Sep 2014 more
  • LGBT Sport, Campaigning for Change, University of Southern California, USA, 23 Oct 2013 more
  • The Justin Campaign. LGBT: Are we Living Equally?, Chester, UK, 13 Feb 2012 more
  • Football in the UK, LGBTQ participation, Victoria University, Australia, 28 Sep 2010 more


  • We Love EU: Migrant and refugee leisure spaces and community well-being post Brexit (quality-related research (QR) funding, 01 Mar 2017). Completed
  • F4P V Homophobia: Celebrating 5 yrs. of student-led community action (University of Brighton ECHO Grant (Excellence, Community and Heritage Opportunity), 01 Jun 2015). Completed
  • Understanding the potential of informal and lifestyle sports (Economic and Social Research Council, 01 Jul 2014). Completed
  • Rapid topic overview on physical activity among LGBT communities in England, (Public Health England, 01 Mar 2014). Completed
  • Being in the Zone: the Importance of Culture to Peak Performance in Sport, Arts and Work (Arts and Humanities Research Council, 01 Jun 2012). Completed
  • Taking a Stand: Sport and Sexualities (University of Brighton, 01 Jan 2012). Completed
  • LGBT youth, school sport, health & well-being (University of Brighton, 01 Feb 2011). Completed

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Invited panellist at LGBT History Month public lecture, Cambridge University,
  • Invited speaker at Conte[s/x]ting Sport community event, Split, Croatia
  • Invited speaker at Lewes Men's Prison: Anti-homophobia workshop & event, UK
  • Invited speaker at Student’s Unions 2011 National Conference, Leeds, UK,
  • Invited speaker at London Olympics: What’s in it for Women? The Women and Planning Forum, London, UK
  • Invited speaker at Winchester Men's Prison: Anti-homophobia workshop & event, UK

Conference Presentations

  • Sport Matters: Physics, Politics, Performances, Pedagogies., The Water Dancers: Transgender and non-binary peoples’ moving bodies., 01 Nov 2017, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Enacting Lesiure, Recreating Lesiure., We Love EU: Migrant and refugee leisure spaces and community wellbeing post Brexit., 04 Jul 2017, Leeds, UK
  • 14th International Sport Sciences Congress, A tale of two football cultures: HWFC v FA Women’s Cup, 01 Nov 2016, Antalya, Turkey
  • Locating Leisure: Blurring Boundaries, Blurring Vernacular/Spectacular: LGBT Rights are Human Rights: EuroPride 2015, Rīga, Latvia., 05 Jul 2016, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Global Societies: Fragmenting and Connecting, British Sociological Association annual conference, The Pride Movement: Configuring Human Rights at EuroPride 2015, 06 Apr 2016, Aston University, UK
  • Political Studies Association, Sport, Politics & Social Justice, Sexual Exploitation, Sex Work and Sports Events, 04 Mar 2016, Bournemouth University, UK
  • The Sporting Arena: Academics, Activists and Activism[s]., Activism, intervention and academic-student collaboration on campus: Fighting homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in/through football, 05 Nov 2014, Portland, Oregon
  • Third Visual Methods Conference: Visual Methods in Mediated Environments: Connecting Diverse Worlds, Sport-War Cartoon Art., 02 Sep 2013, Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • 2nd Annual Football and Community, “… But he wasn’t used to players who went to what he described as ‘puffs’ clubs”: Intersections of race, gender and sexuality in English football, 13 Jun 2013, Manchester, UK
  • Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines., Community University Partnership Projects (CUPP), 20 Nov 2012, Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines., The pleasures of mundane movement, 20 Nov 2012, Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Sport in Place, Running for Pleasures., 07 Nov 2012, New Orleans, USA
  • Leisure, Living, Learning: Education in Sport, Tourism and the Outdoors, Young Transgender People and Sport/Physical Activity, 17 Jul 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Congress of Qualitative Inquiry,, United we stand, divided we fall: Campaigning for change, 17 May 2011, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
  • Sport and the Winds of Change International Society for Sociology of Sport Annual Conference, The Justin Campaign: Football, sexualities and gender politics, 10 Jul 2011, Havana, Cuba
  • Sport and the Winds of Change International Society for Sociology of Sport Annual Conference, Surfing sexualities: queer-feminist theory and UK surf space, 10 Jul 2011, Havana, Cuba
  • Leisure in Transition: People, Policy and Places, The Justin Campaign: Homophobia, Football, Education and Art, 05 Jul 2011, Southampton Solent University
  • Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines, Physical (and Cultural) Capital and Whiteness – The Case of Rowing, 16 Nov 2010, University of Waikato, New Zealand
  • Transforming Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Lives Conference Activism and Research for Gender and Sexual Liberation, Homophobia in UK football and The Justin Campaign, 15 Sep 2010, Brighton, UK
  • Sport and Bodily Culture in Hard Times, Jazz-Sport Analogies: The Aesthetics of Gender and Sexuality, 04 Nov 2009, Ottawa, Canada
  • Leisure Experiences, Participating, Planning, Providing, Jazzwomen: Notes on gender., 07 Jul 2009, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
  • Sexy Spaces: Leisure and Geography, Tenor Madness: Jazz and the containment of women saxophonists, 22 May 2009, Brighton, UK
  • Sport and Peace/Social (in)Justice., Girlfight and Bend it Like Beckham: The fights for equal rights…, 05 Nov 2008, Denver, USA
  • Media, Communications and Cultural Studies, Sporting Bodies, Identities and the Reproduction of Difference. Girlfight – The film, 09 Jan 2008, Cardiff, Wales
  • Re-Imagining Community. Re-Envisioning Sport, The Global Games: Israel, Football for Peace and Gender, 01 Nov 2006, Vancouver, Canada
  • Interdisciplinary Dialogues, The Femme and Football: Queering Femininity, Queering Football?, 03 Nov 2004, Tucson, USA
  • Sport and Social Order: Challenges for Theory and Practice, Exploring ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Gender: The Experiences of Black and South Asian Women Footballers, 18 Jun 2003, German Sport University Cologne, Germany
  • Leisure and Visual Culture, Tipping the Velvet. Straight[forward] Voyeurism? Problematising the viewing of lesbian bodies and lesbian pleasure, 08 Jul 2003, Roehampton University, UK
  • Beyond Sex and Gender: The Future of Women’s Studies?, Sporting gender: Women’s footballing bodies as sites/sights for the (re)materialisation of sex, gender and desire., 19 Sep 2002, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Out from the Centre. Queer Studies Conference, Football in the UK: [non] Queering the pitch and [gender] marking players., 29 Nov 2002, Newcastle, Australia
  • Journeys in Leisure. Current and Future Alliances, Feminist epistemological approaches to the study of gender and sexuality., 17 Jul 2001, University of Luton, UK
  • Pre-Olympic Congress., Embodying masculinity? The experiences of women footballers in the UK, 07 Sep 2000, Brisbane, Australia
  • Gendered Spaces: Women’s Choices and Constraints, Women who play football: Is there a space for lesbian gender?, 14 Jul 1998, University of Hull, UK
  • The Big Ghetto. Gender, Sexuality and Leisure., Sportswomen’s sexuality: Exclusive design of the self?, 16 Jul 1998, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
  • Queer Games? Theories, Politics, Sports, The cultural arena of women’s football in the UK: A sport space for lesbian gender?, 29 Jul 1998, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Women, Policy and Politics, Late nineteenth century and twentieth century images of the female footballer: Sites of resistance, gender and sexuality, 14 Jul 1997, University of London, UK
  • Leisure, Culture and Commerce, Sex and politics: Resistance and acceptance in women’s football., 09 Sep 1997, Roehampton Institution, UK


  • BSc (Hons) in Sport Studies and Geography (Brunel University, 1988)
  • MSc in Recreation Management (Loughborough University, 1989)
  • PhD in Sport, Gender and Sexualities (London Metropolitan University, 2001)
  • MA in Human Rights (University of Sussex, 2015)


  • British Sociological Association, Member,
  • Leisure Studies Association, Member,
  • North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, Member,
  • Political Studies Association, Member,
  • University & College Union, Member,
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