• Sounding sculptures Electroshop #1, Electroshop #2, Electroshop #3, Electroshop #4 more
  • Austin Fisher on Transnational Cinemas, Celebrating A Fistful of Dollars/the Spaghetti Western, and Videographic Film Studies more
  • Spaghettis in Translation more
  • Dreams of Mice: Ron, 19 October 2014 at 2:48am - A 3D animation artwork expressing neural activity captured from a dreaming mouse. more
  • AfterGlow: An award winning 3D real-time animation artwork, expressing a zoonotic malaria transmission scenario more
  • Dark Storm Phials: A real-time animation artwork depicting an infection transmission applied to growth to maintain a population of forms in a delicate balance. more
  • Tuning the Hyperdrone more
  • Tuning the Hyperdrone more
  • Tuning the Hyperdrone more
  • Thompson Digital Switch - Device and software for the rehabilitation of lower limbs following stroke; leg injury following trauma (accident or disease, eg cancer). more
  • The Ultimate Fate of Jeremy Fisher: a 3D animated video projection, depicting Beatrix Potter’s Jeremy as Toughie the last known living Rabbs' fringe-limbed tree frog. more
  • HyperDrone - Field Experiment more
  • White Cart Loom: A generative artwork creating 7.4 billion unique paisley pearls for every human alive on earth. more
  • Norm Contaminated more
  • Bangkok Butterfly more
  • Robots in Distress: A 3D real-time artwork of an underwater terrain heavily polluted with plastic waste depicting a simulation of craft learning to recognise and express hopelessness. more
  • The Sounding Temple more
  • Geeky Monkey - November 2016 Peter Truckel 'Creating Blade Runner's Esper Photo Analyser' more