Internet Publications

  • Debunking the PBS MythL Media in Crisis? more
  • Harry Soldier and the Order of Pressmen more
  • Noticing the "Cellophane" Rights more
  • The Folksonomy more
  • From Solid Light To Satellite: The Materiality Of The Moving Image As Broadcast Signal And Data. more
  • The epic centre more
  • Sledging: unacceptable in the workplace, so why not on the sports field? more
  • Mismatch in notifications reveal a worrying problem in our abortion statistics more
  • 'A writing tool for new media storytellers' more
  • 'Random House explore the world of interactive narrative’ more
  • ‘Hamlet’s Big Question Becomes Your Big Question’ more
  • Designing the digital tale more
  • Twists in the digital tale more
  • The incredible tech behind Paralympian daredevil stunts. more
  • Explainer: how do cyclists reach super fast speeds? more
  • From one man and his bike to the hi-tech peleton: the changing face of the Tour de France more
  • Explainer: how to win a Tour de France sprint more
  • Applying an Anthropological Perspective to Social Contracts in Albania more
  • Zwei fingerbreit Ehre: Ehre und Schande in Albanien [two-fingers width of honour: honour and shame in Albania] (German) more
  • Report on the International Conference: Religious Tradition, Communism and Cultural Re-evaluation: Transnationalism in Post-1989 Eastern European Cultures of Remembrance’ more
  • The Culture of Ilegalja: Albanian Militant Self-Organisations in Late Socialist Yugoslavia more
  • Evaluation and Modernisation of Vocational Education for the Digital Creative Industries more
  • Y Gwyll/Hinterland: Twice-told Noir more
  • “Q&A: Kip Jones on the Art of Academic Blogging” more
  • “Once Upon a Time on the Set with John Huston” more

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