Citizen journalism and civic inclusion: Access Dorset

This source preferred by Ann Luce, Dan Jackson and Einar Thorsen

Authors: Thorsen, E., Jackson, D. and Luce, A.

Editors: Gordon, E. and Mihalidis, P.

Publisher: MIT Press

Access Dorset TV (ADTV) is a pioneering community media partnership aiming to provide a voice to over 4,000 disabled and older people across Dorset (UK) through citizen journalism – produced by and for its user-groups. ADTV ( provide web-based peer support, information and lifestyle videos produced by disabled people about their life experiences, events, social action projects and independent living. This case study will discuss how the project enables participants to make a meaningful contribution to public debates about issues affecting them, thus fostering civic inclusion, community cohesion, and empowerment for marginalised citizens and community groups.

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