Culture and managers in a globalised world

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Authors: Giousmpasoglou, C. and Marinakou, E.

Pages: 1-27

ISBN: 9781522509486

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0948-6.ch001

© 2017, IGI Global. The dynamic nature of the management function in global business today and the realisation that what works effectively in one country may not be as efficient in another has led management scholars and practising managers in continuous efforts to enhance their understanding of this environment and its effects to managers. This chapter explores management across cultures. The discussion starts with the origin and definition of cross cultural management; then it is focused on the study of the International Human Resources Management (IHRM). The final part discusses the profile of the international managers and the competencies needed to cope with the multiple challenges they are faced with in overseas assignments.

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