Authors: Chang, J., Zhang, J.J., Thalmann, N.M., Hu, S.M., Tong, R. and Wang, W.

Volume: 10582 LNCS

ISBN: 9783319694863

Source: Scopus


Authors: Gabriel, D.

Editors: Ransaw, T.S. and Majors, R.

Pages: 11-14

Publisher: MSU Press

Place of Publication: Michigan

ISBN: 9781611862607


The International Race and Education book series aims to provide a critical space for increasingly diverse and complex areas of interdisciplinary social science research that explores the relationship between race and education. This volume, Emerging Issues and Trends, defines, shapes and monitors new and evolving trends, advancing alternative ways of thinking and schools of thought, crossing geographical boundaries to create original approaches to education research. Its dual focus is to highlight the challenges of race and education while presenting innovative, culturally appropriate solutions.

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