Blockchain as a Complementary Technology for the Internet of Things: A Survey

Authors: Nacer, M.I., Prakoonwit, S. and Alarab, I.

Volume: 305

Pages: 1-24

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-70478-0_1


Blockchain is a new technology resulting from a continuous research on consensus mechanisms to ensure the integrity of a distributed shared replica. It represents a data structure built on a hash function and distributed among the various participants according to previously agreed consensus rules. This work aims to carry out a comprehensive survey of the consensus mechanism that forms the heart of blockchain technology and its suitability for the Internet of Things. It begins by explaining blockchain technology from a historical and technical point of view before approaching the different philosophical approaches within the consensus mechanism, their disadvantage, and their suitability for the IoT sector.

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Blockchain as a complementary technology for the internet of things: a survey

Authors: Nacer, M.I., Prakoonwit, S. and Alarab, I.

Editors: Garcia Marquez, F.

Publisher: Springer

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