The fundraising academy: an experimental model combining knowledge exchange, real-life professional training and the development of socio-emotional intelligence

Authors: House-Norman, C., Devis-Rozental, C. and Noble, K.

Editors: Clarke, S.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Place of Publication: London


This chapter presents the case study of Bournemouth University’s Fusion Fundraising Academy, and the role that practical experience plays in the development of soft skills for students and interns. It addresses Devis-Rozental’s theory of socio-emotional intelligence having a positive impact on others and our environment, and discusses the abstract idea of leading beyond authority as coined by Common Purpose. It highlights the need for wellness and resilience in fundraisers, and addresses the most common graduate skills gaps, as identified by The Institute of Student Employers. The chapter details the steep learning curve experienced by both the interns and the university staff who developed and ran the Academy, and highlights the lessons learned for other institutions considering the model.

Source: Manual