Lean as a framework for humanisation in higher education

Authors: Yorkstone, S., Clarke, S. and Mann, J.

Pages: 221-241

ISBN: 9783030574291

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-57430-7_13


Lean management is a compelling concept, with a significant history, and although not always described as lean in name, is having an impact in Universities worldwide. Central to lean is the idea of beginning from true purpose, and the authors seek to explore how lean intersects with humanisation in HE. This chapter firstly discusses lean as an industrial approach introducing key concepts. Secondly, the chapter outlines how these principles can play out in practice through a case study describing a programme of lean activity in a university helpdesk, illustrating the interplay between lean and humanisation. The chapter then discusses some of the broader challenges facing the sector. It closes by addressing how a humanising lean approach has a role in offering a practical way forward.

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Lean as a Framework for Humanisation in Higher Education

Authors: Clarke, S., Yorkstone, S. and Mann, J.

Editors: Devis-Rozental, C.

Publisher: Pringer

Source: Manual