The golden thread on our quest to humanise higher education

Authors: Devis-Rozental, C. and Clarke, S.

Pages: 1-13

ISBN: 9783030574291

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-57430-7_1


In this chapter, we introduce the golden thread which is the main theme that will be explored within the book. They go on to make a case for humanising higher education by taking into account every aspect of its provision. They clarify related terminology and explain the meaning of humanising practice. The clear link between a humanised approach and wellbeing in higher education is also presented. In the last part of the chapter, we introduce the you to a short practice-based case study to illustrate how it is possible to embed a humanised practice that accounts for head, hand and heart, to engage those working in HE to find their purpose and deliver excellence.

Source: Scopus