Developing and Evaluating a Virtual Placement: Analysing the Health and Social Needs of a Defined Community during COVID-19

Authors: Stainer, L., Tait, D., B├Áckle, E. and Watson, A.

Pages: 529-546

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-92979-4_33


Many student nurses during the pandemic were unable to continue their learning in practice as practice was deemed unsafe. A virtual placement on a pre-registration nursing programme was created in which students worked in groups and explored a specific geographical area through online and remote activity for four weeks working defined rubrics. Students needed to comprehend health promotion, and this process created an opportunity to develop leadership, empowerment, independence, resilience and information technology (IT) skills. A virtual placement is transferable to educational programmes requiring an analysis of a group or groups in a community. This model of learning has significance nationally where placement capacity is predicted to be challenging with increased recruitment for healthcare professionals. It also reflects the need to introduce contemporary placement models that encompasses learning that is wider than the traditional placement model.

Source: Scopus