Evaluation of in-plane shear failure in composite laminate with high percentage of 90o plies

This source preferred by John Vinney and Siamak Noroozi

Authors: Vali-Shariatpanahi, S., Noroozi, S. and Vinney, J.

Editors: Hui, D.



Start date: 4 July 2010

The first step in analysis composite joint is to have a correct and appropriate definition of properties of material used. The effect of fibre orientation and the interaction between them in the laminated composite play a key role in determining the laminate characteristics, the laminate mode of failure as well as the overall mode of joint failure. In order to study the failure of a new generation of composite laminate joints, sets of material properties are needed in three directions. This paper present the study of the in-plane (interlamina) shear properties and the behaviour of a specific Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) laminate with a particular balanced lay-up under compression load. This paper presents the continuation of a previous study by the author to study shear in a specific CFRP Ref [1]

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