Using Animation as a learning tool in Primary Education

This source preferred by Paula Callus and Sofronis Efstathiou

Authors: Callus, P. and Esthathiou, S.

Start date: 2008

Sofronis Esthathiou, Head of MA Computer Animation, NCCA

This project was a collaborative event that involved a series of workshops and lectures over the span of 5 weeks to staff/ students at Hillview Primary by Paula Callus and Sofronis Esthathiou, with an aim to look at the use of animation tools within the learning environment.

Students completed a short animated film, using cut-out/collage direct animation, about the character Ferret Boy's trip to the moon. The film was entirely designed and developed through from concept, narrative to style and production, simulating the production pipeline within an animation studio, by the students themselves.

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